Partnering with parents to guide kids toward a HEART for God!  Our Children's Ministry is FAMILY Ministry and FAMILY Ministry is Children's Ministry.  We'll do everything we can to influence your children in their faith.  We want the hearts of our kids to lean toward God in all areas of their life so that everything they do is influenced toward a relationship with Jesus Christ.  You'll love our Children's Director Sara Stark, degreed in Child Development and 10 years experience in directing church children's ministry, she believes transitions between program ages are incredibly important in a church.  She builds consistency between leaders and programs to keep children looking forward to next-level involvement.  Her focus is Jesus and a child's significance, relationship and God's truth!

Why We believe children's ministry is so important

At FBCL we've turned the traditional teaching method on its head.  Instead of "behave, believe, belong" we think the better model for children (and adults for that matter) is to "Belong, Believe, Behave."  We believe kids needs consistent opportunities to hear the message of the Bible in environments that are specifically crafted for them. At FBCL your child will learn to:

  • Love God
  • Love People
  • Do Your Best
  • Have Fun
Just as great schoolteachers present the essentials in an age-appropriate manner, our kids ministry seeks to place the life-changing message of Jesus in a context designed specifically for kids.  We want to support our parents in their efforts to love, disciple and biblically develop their children into Christ followers.  We strive to come along side our parents so that they are better equipped to reinforce and disciple their children's spiritual growth throughout the week.