At First Baptist Church Leander, we believe that learning together is an important part of Christian growth. Our goal is to help you proclaim and portray Christ.  We utilize Bible Life classes to better understand God and to please Him.  That is why we set aside an hour every Sunday for the entire church to grow through learning. We want you to come away with an inspiration for a godly life, to teach your kids (if you have them) how to live, and to connect with God.  Recognizing the diverse spiritual life of our congregation, we have several adult classes that cover a wide-range of topics and age groups. We have classes for senior adults, adults, adults with kids, for new members, and for women and men. In short, there are classes for everyone.

Below you will find some basic facts about each class, along with a brief description of what the class is studying and its approach to the material. It is impossible to capture the flavor of a class in a single paragraph; but, perhaps this guide will help you find a place to begin exploring. All our classes provide support and fellowship to their members.


    Glenn and Blanca Beard have dedicated most of their ministry years working with students and providing them with a solid foundation in their faith.  Partnering with parents to give our students the best opportunity to know Christ and live a life that exemplifies the teachings of the Bible is our preeminent goal.  Giving our students the experience of such programs as Student Leadership University, local, national and even international mission trips that help them understand the world in which they will one day lead is a priority.  You won't find climbing walls or Starbucks, but you will find committed leadership to help your student develop and mature in their faith and understand what a life changing commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior is all about.

  • Adults

    Pastors Rick Hertless and Rob Lederman teach our adult bible study class.  Rick is the author of over a dozen Christian books and brings a deep understanding of scripture and possesses an exciting manner of presentation.  Rob has recently earned his DM and knows that people's questions are always a vital part of each class.   Class participation is always encouraged to ensure not only understanding but how to live out an impactful Christian life.  Come enjoy the class, you'll make deep new friends and be challenged to live the integrity of a christian life.

  • Mixed Age Adult Class

    Mike and Dolly McAdams lead our mixed age Bible life class.  Mike has dedicated many years to studying and understanding end-time prophecy and adds the flavor and insight of the day in which we live to his every lesson.  You will learn the truth of our weekly scripture as well as the implications of what God is doing in the prophetic timeline of current history.  You'll be challenged, have an opportunity to ask your toughest questions and come to the knowledge of the purposes of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!  Come enjoy the journey.


    Pastor Ademir and Eliane Simoes currently lead our mixed  age adults ESL class.  This class of friends and dedicated believers know well that the Bible is the Holy Spirit's book.  And that it throbs with the life and vitality that is the Spirit's own.  Their life enjoyment is God's Word that contains much practical information for living the Christian life.  In the lawless world we live in, people need instruction on how to live a life that pleases God.  And that is exactly what we find in God's Word.  It provides the boundaries of right and wrong, useful guidelines for living a fulfilling, satisfying life not only pleasing to God, but also helpful to our fellow man.  You'll discover He is a God who heals, and makes fully alive and His Word is like the rain and snow that waters the dry earth and never ever returns to Him void.  Come join us for the journey.

  • WOMEN OF JOY CLASS (Median Adult Ladies)

    Connie Moore and Julie Gafford team teach our new ladies's class on Sunday mornings @ 9:30.  These ladies are gifted with God's Word and give a great head lift and encouragement to our women.  You can anticipate great interaction and a commitment to experience personal and spiritual transformation.

  • WOMEN OF WISDOM  (Senior Adult Women)

    Donna McCarty has a heart to teach  women the God-first life.  She's  quick to admit  that she has nothing to offer another that she herself did not first receive.  If her classroom ministry is anything, it's a ministry of love...the love of Jesus and love of people.  She says, "They nailed up the Lord of life to die a cruel death he didn't deserve, but willingly--even joyfully--he embraced that death so he could give us his own life to live, risen out of death and into life eternal.  Just giving people my love couldn't ever be enough.  My role is to faithfully give people the love of Christ.  His love is perfected through us. and that's the only thing worthy to teach.".