Crossed up youth

A place where students, believing in God

and trusting in His Word, become passionate disciples of Jesus Christ.


FBCL Student Ministry: Alpha Gen

We want to help your students connect quickly with people who will make their student experience one filled with purpose, joy, adventure, and great friendships.

For many students, our Alpha Gen student ministry becomes that "home away from home," a place to meet great friends and be challenged to live and share Christ during your student years.

Alpha Gen  is a student-led ministry that provides opportunities for spiritual growth, making friends, leadership, service, and missions. We have everything from events with scores of people, to small groups and one-on-one mentoring, so there is a place that is just right for you.

Here are just a few of the things you can experience with Alpha Gen:

great food, wifi, friends, free Wednesday meals, worship, fellowship, leadership development, discipleship, retreats, local and global mission experiences, small group Bible studies, summer retreats, and opportunities to participate in Student Leadership University.  Come meet our Student Director Tayler Stark.  There's a place for you!